Recap: Lomography Worldwide Photo Caterpillar


On March 23rd, Lomography Chicago gathered together a large crew of eager photographers and set out to participate in a world-wide Lomo Caterpillar! This is by far the biggest, and most global event Lomography Chicago has participated in. Look through all of our original photos here!

To start out, all of our excited Lomographers gathered inside the store for an explanation of the Lomo LC-A , the camera of choice for our participation in this event. After the tutorial was over, we all headed out and lined up against a wall to begin our caterpillar!

Next we decided to try out some fun ideas, like doing the wave, and capturing everyone’s super slick struts along the wall! Some were even bold enough to try cartwheels.

After all of that, we thought it would be a cool idea to try some jumping shots! We also switched things up a bit and shot a video on the LomoKino! Everyone took pictures of the LomoKino recorded them, and the LomoKino recording them taking the photos.

You can see the video here!

Lomo Caterpillar LomoKino movie from Lomography Chicago on Vimeo.

Then we headed to the back lot of the store, where the lot was jumpin’ jumpin’! Lomographers showed off how high they could get, while everyone captured their soar into the sky.

Finally, we made our very own human moth!

You can either click though the images quickly, or watch the animation we made here.

And of course, you can catch the worldwide video we all worked so hard to create! Huge thanks to everyone who joined us for this amazing part of Lomographic history.

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