Locations Log Book: Solo Biking Routes

Biking is definitely one of the most enjoyable modes of transport there is. It’s fun, it helps burn unwanted calories, and it gives you the chance to view (and capture) everything around you all at once! Still not convinced? Then check out these biking routes and experiences shared by our fellow Lomographers!

Credits: walasiteodito

Solo Biking Routes: Biking by the Marikina River by walasiteodito

“Marikina, my home town, is quite well-known for having a clean river and despite the fact that it overflows during typhoons, the local government decided to build a park along this river. Riverbanks as they call it, has been one of the local attractions to go to when you are bored at home, or want to bond with the family but on a tight budget.”

Photos by deepfried_goodness

Solo Biking Routes: The Leslie Spit - Toronto’s Little Known Wilderness by deepfried_goodness

“I cycle in Toronto. A lot. Spring, summer, fall and winter. I’ve been doing it for seven years. In that time I’ve learned which are the good streets, and which are the bad streets to ride on. The best routes to ride are the dedicated bike routes that run along and thoughout our many parks.”

Credits: sandravo

Solo Biking Routes: Biking in the Countryside by sandravo

“Belgium has a long standing biking tradition. Since like forever, great biking champions were born and raised here. As soon as a kid can stand, it is put on a bike. Looking at the large number of bikers I meet when I go out for a ride, I think it’s safe to say bike riding is a very popular way to spend your Sunday afternoon!”

Photos by gatokinetik-o

Solo Biking Routes: The Machali Hacienda by gatokinetik-o

“The Machalí Ranch is a settlement dating back to the colonial era of Chile, around which many legends are made. It’s the perfect place to go biking, as it is only ten minutes away from my neighborhood, and it’s almost my backyard!”

Photos by lomofrue

Solo Biking Routes: My Hometown Lake - Šmartinsko jezero by lomofrue

“I managed to get some of my friends into biking and they love it. Around Celje, my hometown, there are many different places where there’s not a lot of traffic and you can get some peace and quiet. Among them there is this lake called Šmartinsko jezero. It is situated north of the town, close enough to go there whenever you like it and far enough to get a good excercise.”

Credits: kevinhodur

Solo Biking Routes: Bike Route-M203 - Hancock, Michigan to McLain State Park by kevinhodur

“My favourite place on the planet is McLain State Park, so when I want to go for a short bike ride, that’s usually where I head. It’s 11 miles one-way, so packing a sandwich in my hydration pack means a pleasant picnic on the shore when I get there.”

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