Izmir in Half a Day!!


Izmir is one of the most western looking cities in Turkey and is full of different sights.

I’ve always took vacations in the Aegean cost but never got a chance to go to Izmir (Symrna) until a week ago. Thankfully, one of my friends was free to show us around and she did a wonderful job, in just a few hours, we saw almost all the important sites and also ate about everything in sight :)

So, our stroll in Izmir began in Karsiyaka, one of the biggest districts in Izmir. We took a walk around the seaside there and then decided to go to the other side of the city. I wanted to go the “Elevator”, which is at the end of Dario Moreno Street. The elevator was built in 1907 by a Jewish man. Since the 2 neighborhoods there are separated by a steep hill, the elevator was built to make it easier for the elderly to go from one part to the other.

After the elevator, we went to see the Saat Kulesi (the Clock Tower). It was just getting dark and that made the tower look a lot more beautiful. Also, it was the 27th of December which meant that there were trees and decorations and lights every where!!! The city was literally glowing! And our final destination before dinner was the International Fair area, which also houses an amusement park. When we arrived there, the park was just shutting down but I can’t wait to go there again in the summer!!!

So, our half day was very fun and full of different sights but I know that Izmir is a lot bigger than just a half day stroll and would love to see a lot more of it soon!!!

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  1. stouf
    stouf ·

    Olive trees... Nice shots !

  2. nural
    nural ·

    thanks :) I really need a tripod though :)

  3. nural
    nural ·

    Lomographer Was Here! Nural

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