Days Fly By at the Dayfly Bookstore With the Holga 120 CFN and La Sardina

2013-05-30 1

There is no better way to spend a wet and rainy day than shopping at a local bookstore. Pair old books and nostalgia with the Holga 120 CFN and La Sardina and the day couldn’t get any better!

Where I live, we have quite a few rainy days, especially during the springtime! It’s not uncommon to be shut indoors with nothing to do. However, sometimes we break free from the dreary weather and have fun anyway! Recently, I took a trip to a brand new local bookstore that sells used books and other cool nostalgic items and I brought along my Holga 120 CFN and La Sardina. I took my Lomo LC-A+ as well, but I didn’t load the film properly and so none of the images from it developed. No worries though, because I got some brilliant shots with my Holga 120 CFN and Lomo C-A+!

The cool thing about rainy days is that you really think harder about the locations you can visit and the images you can capture. I find that when I am limited and have certain restraints on my photography, I think more about what I am taking a picture of. You also need to be careful of low light situations where you are sure to get loads of grain in your shots, luckily I don’t mind that. Here’s some of the brilliant madness that was captured on film from the shop and surrounding streets.

When the rain stops, step outside and snag a few shots of how things look right after the rain, you might be surprised at the results! The Holga gave some great square shots that captured the streets perfectly and the La Sardina was a faithful companion throughout the entire day!

Credits: ajagee24701

Next time you feel trapped inside on a rainy day, grab your camera and find some interesting places to visit locally. You might be surprised at the cool people you will meet and the great photos you will take. Don’t let the weather limit you, all you need is a camera and yourself and you are good to go!

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