Not even the strongest typhoon can devastate the coolness that is Baguio.

I love going back to this place. It’s the Philippines’ summer capital. With its 18 degrees centigrade temperature it is literally a good place to keep cool. It’s a six hour bus ride north from the humid Manila weather. Not bad because I really want time off from work and I love road tripping. So after Christmas, we went up to Baguio City.

Pigging out on strawberries and the smell of pine cones always give me the high but the city is also filled with a lot of cool stuff and cool places to go to. But aside from the famous parks and tourist spots that you can google and explore, I love going to the unfamiliar and not so picture popular worthy to brag about places here. And Baguio is so rich with them. I mean the market is just as awesome an experience as much as Burnham Park or Mines View or Wright Park. It’s cool to lomo walk around the market and the side streets and the ukay-ukay stores to steal some moments out of this place. Walking is highly recommended because the traffic here really sucks.

Baguio is famous for its cold weather but the people here are so warm and friendly. There is no scarcity of smiles in this place. It’s a plus because you can always approach anyone for directions and he’ll help you right away with a smile. And while we were walking around one of the streets there, someone shouted from behind me: “Hey, you got a lomo bag just like mine!” And when I looked, I saw a smiling foreign-looking guy showing me his Lomo Sidekick brown bag. We stopped and talked for a while and he showed me his Diana mini attached to his kid’s stroller and then I realized that this guy looks familiar. And I asked: “So, you’re from Vienna…are you Wolfgang?” Of course that’s a wild guess for Wolfgang Stranziger is just one of the few guys I know from Vienna who’s into lomo. And he answered: “Yes.” At that moment, I took out my LC-A and took a picture of him with his wife and kids as we head towards Burnham Park. Cool.

If you’re new to this place, visit the famous sights and you’ll like this place. If you’re a regular, go to the not so famous ones and you’ll love to stay here. I just hope that the local government will continue to love this place and keep it free from pollution, traffic congestion and trash so that my kids’ kids can someday also see and lomo the beauty of this place.

written by boredbone on 2010-01-09 #places #boredbone #lomo-walking #location #market-place #baguio-city #cool-weather


  1. stouf
    stouf ·

    That's a great lomo-gallery !

  2. panelomo
    panelomo ·

    lomographer was here

  3. icuresick
    icuresick ·

    Watson's naman 'yung bag ni Wolfgang eh...

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