The Passages, Neighborhoods and Villas in the 20th arrondissement, Paris


Paris, as a world’s capital, is known for its distinct European air and its cosmolite character. However, there is nothing more romantic than discovering the passages and villas of the 20th arrondissement.

Unlike the arcades of the 9th arrondissement (“district”) that neighbor the Opera district, the passages in the 20th arrondissement are characterized by their “country” flair — with small houses and lush gardens. It gives you the feeling that you are not in Paris, but in a far away place, in another city, another time, another world. Le passage des Soupirs, found between Rue des Pyrénnées and la Rue de Chine, is an example of these peaceful “islands”; it even has a community garden.

This remote location is close and in Paris. In fact, the return of spring has made walks along the 20th arrondissement the perfect place to take some pictures. An unparalleled pleasure after such long winter.

So, take out your cameras and take the opportunity to take some snap shots!

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