La Sardina: The Camera You Can Trust!

2013-06-03 2

Since it was born in 2011, La Sardina has brought a wide angled joy to everyone who uses it. Its 22mm lens has captured many beautiful and mind blowing moments. La Sardina is really a camera you can trust!

La Sardina is my first analogue camera. Since my first day with the camera, I knew that it was the camera that I will always bring everywhere. The wide angle lens made me fall in love on the first roll. It feels like my photography skill is growing up with it. So for that, I really recommend you to buy a La Sardina!

The Lens
The lens of La Sardina is a simple lens. It has a focal length of 22mm. The aperture has been fixed on f/8.
What so special about the camera is the incredibly wide 89 degrees angle that makes 36mm x 24mm photo

It has two step focusing: 0,6m-1m and 1m-infinity. The closest focusing distance is 0,6m. The two step focusing is the feature that makes your “capturing the moment” activity easier. Plus, you don’t really have to worry about the focusing when you take a photo of a landscape.

The Body
The body is shaped like a sardine can that makes a perfect grip on your hand. Plus, it attracts some attention, I mean who else always holds a sardine can camera on your hand?

The MX Switch
The MX switch helps you to take a multiple exposure photo. You can just flick the switch when you want to make a multiple exposure photo.

The Shutter
It has 2 shutter speed settings: Bulb (B) and 1/100 (N). Your photography skill is tested here, you have to estimate how long you have to hold the shutter when you are shooting in low light conditions with the Bulb setting.

The Special Flash
La Sardina is only able to use one flash, just one: the powerful Fritz The Blitz lens. It has 3 power that gives you a full control of how much light you want to add to the subject. It also has 4 interchangeable color filters: yellow, red, blue, and milky.

The Result
Here are some results with my trusty La Sardina

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  1. istionojr
    istionojr ·

    nice! rajin nulis gini makin nice! :D

  2. abecd
    abecd ·

    @istionojr haha makasih:D kadang lagi iseng nulis aja hehe:D

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