Hooray! Express Shipping Has Begun for 2010!

2010終於到來了!經過好幾天假期的休息,我們的送貨服務又重新開始了;在購物同時,只需付上便宜的運費 (香港-HK$30、其他亞洲地區-HK$90) 就可享用我們的送貨服務了。

2010終於到來了!經過好幾天假期的休息,我們的送貨服務又重新開始了;在購物同時,只需付上便宜的運費 (香港-HK$30、其他亞洲地區-HK$90) 就可享用我們的送貨服務了。

Hooray to 2010! After the refreshing holidays, we are ready for some express shipping. Get your orders shipped EXPRESS on an insanely good rate: HK $30 / Rest of Asia HK $90.

How to get FREE Shipping and a FREE Lomo Notebook

你又是否知道,所有總金額高於 HK$1500 的訂單都能享有免運費優惠。參照你的 “Must-get-for-2010” 願望清單,一次過齊集你夢寐以求的 Lomographic 精品,更可節省一筆。

Do you know any order over HK $1,500 will be shipped express free of charge? Got a lot on your “Must-get-for-2010” list? Order all your favorite Lomographic items at once or group the order with your friends to save money!

噢是的!讓我們一起好好籌劃一下關於2010的大計吧,所有總金額高於 HK$1000 的訂單總免費獲贈 Lomo Notebook 一本;優惠期至2010年

Oh yes, to help you plan your year ahead, we are also giving out a free Lomo Notebook to every order over $1,000. Valid until Tuesday, 12 January 2010. [Click here to see all free shipping items]

What are your New Year Resolutions?

2010來臨了,你有甚麼新計畫?找個女/男朋友?多放 20-10% 時間在工作上?在10個禮拜內減肥20磅?在我們的比賽中用照片分享你的2010年大計吧!

Getting a boyfriend or girlfriend? Putting on 20-10% more effort at work? Tell us by submitting your photos to this competition!

[按此立即參加比賽 / Submit your photos!]

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