Lift Your Soles Up and Smile...Underwater!

2013-05-29 83

A few weeks more and we’ll be in the summer season! It’s a great time to load a film into an underwater camera, or to use a Krab for your Lomo LC-A or Fisheye! This is time to take many smiling photos in a swimming pools or at the seaside! So, once again, lift your soles up and smile!

Some months ago, I wrote an article with many smiling faces of people posing with their feet’s soles lifted up! These photos were taken both indoor of outdoor; they represent many people in a classic pose for portrait. In this article I selected others photos with the same smiling faces and the same pose, this time taken underwater. Read more!

Credits: upperhands, madc & georginasamso

I love swimming; it’s is my preferred sport together with cycling, and I like to play in the water with my friends! Here you can see another set of smiling faces, both of people by themselves or in the company of their friends!

Credits: chermink & elifkinli

I love these images, representing magic moments of friendship, joy, freedom and amusement! Nice people here, and great smiles! Living barefoot is a great symbol of freedom, and feet are for me a so intimate part of our body that inspire tenderness. They remind me of the sense of innocence from our childhood!

Credits: quenita

Take a dip underwater, then lift up your legs, swim and smile! It so easy and so fun! And if some water gets into your mouth, then…lift up your soles again, and smile again for another photo!

Credits: nelemson & estrellla

It is a joy to swim underwater, many people like it, so I found many great images for this article!

Credits: thealexleong

This is a great opportunity to use a cheap underwater camera, or to test the wonderful Krab for your Lomo LC-A or the Submarine for your Fisheye camera!

Credits: strellaaa, biondapiccola, froto & annita

This pose is similar to those of my previous article, however into the water there is a sense of dynamism which is absent in poses lying on a bed or on a mat.

Credits: stouf

This pose is great to made joyful photos together with your friends… o, lift up your soles and smile, swim, and enjoy the incoming summer!

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    @lulomo carina e simpatica

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    Lift your soles up... and kiss!

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    @daby Nice underwater!

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