The Secret Art Of Lomographic Birthday Cake Baking


Baking a cake is the second nicest thing to do (to take a cue from zark) next to shooting and developing film! Learn here the secrets of Lomographic cake baking! Useful not only for LC-A Anniversary Parties but for any of your celebrations!

At our Last 25th Anniversary Party we of course, wanted to have a LC-A Birthday Cake! It was very fortunate that the good folks at LSI provided everyone with a recipe to make a really yummy cake! And it is so easy, you will be amazed, just take care not to neglect your shooting from baking and eating cakes! So here we go:

1. Make sure you have a cup (the bigger the better) and all ingredients!

1b. Have something particularly yummy to add to spice things up, like raisins and crunchy sugar-coated sweets!

2. First, take the sugar and the 3 eggs and put them in your bowl.

3. Whip it until it is fluffy :)

4. This recipe is amazing in that you can substitute olive for butter. Of course I went for the olive oil as it is healthier and I had never used it to bake a cake before !!! This is the best time to add it ;)

4b. Add the sour cream. I put it in the cup right after the oil, so it came out oily, as you can see in the picture. Doesn’t matter, in the end it will all get mixed up anyway!

5. Add the nuts and baking soda. You’d be nuts not to add any (or allergic). I used hazelnuts.

6. Add the special ingredients. In our case, raisins and crunchies.

7. Mix it all up.

At this time point, I realized my mixture was still a bit fluid. Like as if I needed to add some flour or something… Oh wait! I had completely forgotten to add any flour!!!

8. Add the flour, if you forgot about it.

9. Mix again.

Here I again had the feeling that something was missing. The mix was too light in colour. If it is going to be an LC-A cake it should be dark, no?

10. Add cocoa.

11. Mix it up a last time!

12. Spread evenly on your baking tin.

13. Bake.

14. Cut to shape and add icing!

There you go! You have made yourself a delicious LC-A cake in only 7 steps ! (and 7 superfluous one if you are a newbie like me)
Time to rejoice and eat some sweet Lomographic love :D

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  1. blue-dog
    blue-dog ·

    Looks easy..looks yummy

  2. stouf
    stouf ·

    Mmmm nice recipe ! Thanks !

  3. cyan-shine
    cyan-shine ·

    Yes, very easy, very yummy :D :D :D
    Master stouf, don't thank me, thank LSI :D :D :D

  4. nattodesu
    nattodesu ·

    you do make me hungry hahahha

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