Friday Movie Flashback: The Graduate (1967)


Lomography Magazine brings you Friday Movie Flashback, a new series that will provide you with recommendations on what movies to watch while lazing on the couch over the weekend.

Our first featured film on Friday Movie Flashback is The Graduate, a 1967 film top billed by the then very young Dustin Hoffman and Anne Bancroft. Hoffman plays the role of the elusive Benjamin Braddock, a fresh college graduate with no immediate plans concerning his future. He is then seduced by Mrs. Robinson, the wife of his father’s business partner, in the summer right after graduation. Anne Bancroft fits the role of the wickedly appealing Mrs. Robinson perfectly.

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As, Benjamin Braddock, Dustin Hoffman is painfully uncomfortable even as he awkwardly succumbs to his predator’s advances. Anne Bancroft delivers a convincing performance as the scheming seductress.

The Graduate is a comedy, but not because of slapstick elements or outlandish, hard-selling humor. If you think of it, the plot itself is hilarious, outrageous even, but director Mike Nichols was able to narrate the story in tasteful and believable fashion and translate the plot into tale that is both plausible and entertaining.On top of an intriguing plot, the dialogue and catch phrases exchanged between the main characters are scintillating enough to keep you engaged throughout the film.

If you love the idea of old world suburbia on film and all things vintage, The Graduate will definitely be a visual treat. Audiophiles are bound to appreciate it as well. The soundtrack boasts of a track written by Paul Newman and sung by Simon Garfunkel, aptly titled “Mrs. Robinson,” a song that by now everyone from the 60’s onward has probably heard.

Below is a sneak peak into one of the film’s most controversial scenes:

The Graduate was one of the most influential films of its time. The film garnered critical acclaim with seven Oscar nominations, and as if to prove the film’s worth, Mike Nichols won the Academy Award for Best Director. It was also commercially successful, having earned more than a hundred million dollars in the box office.

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