Diana Instant Back: The Best Friend for the Instant Moments


After trying the Diana Instant Back for the first time, I would love to use it every time and on every special occasion which has to be remembered. This accessory is perfect for capturing every fragile but beautiful moment which is waiting for me and my boyfriend in the future.

Diana Instant Back

I bought the Diana Instant Back just a few weeks ago and it was waiting for its first try until my boyfriend came for a visit. It was such a long long time when I last saw him, so it was a really very special moment for us. Therefore, I wanted to have everything perfect and all my cameras ready to use and shoot. Installing the Diana Instant Back was very easy and my Diana was ready sooner than I was. We took it out for a long walk in Prague’s gardens and parks, it accompanied us during a coffee and cake-break, during picnic or laundry. The Diana Instant Back was enjoying the happy moments with us.

Credits: erikagrendel

The most important reason why I chose this back instead of for example an instant camera is that you can use all the Diana accessories with it. The Splitzer, the flash, all the lenses and filters can help you create wonderful instant photos of moments you would like to remember forever. And what I found out after shooting with it, Diana Instant back is user-friendly, easy to install and really ready to use any time you feel like it. However, there is one problem with the instant Diana photos. Be prepared to fight for them with your darling or with your friends, because the photos are so wonderful and just the right size for your wallet or purse.

written by erikagrendel on 2013-06-02 #gear #review #camera #photo #lomography #diana-f #diana-instant-back #moments #erikagrendel

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