Aftermath of The Last LOMO LC-A 25th Anniversary Party: The Party Isn't Over !


On December 19th we celebrated the last LOMO LC-A 25th Anniversary Party in Erlangen, Germany. It was the only thing helping us survive the holidays!

Our LC-A 25th Anniversary Party in Erlangen, Germany was a huge success :D After some initial difficulties with the room we were allowed to use The Party Cellar. The Party was announced intensively also on a local basis and to be honest, so many people came that I lost count! Thankfully, most brought something to drink with them, otherwise our 150 litres of beer and 4,5 litres of genuine Russian vodka would have run out sooner!

The plan was to dispense disposable cameras, since most people we assumed would not have one to bring with them (except one guy who brought along a digital SLR :o His flash was appropriated for use with one of the disposable 3D cams) and needed our help to discover the joys of Lomography :D

There were initially 20 Fuji Quicksnap 800 cameras and 10 Kaite 8008 cameras, but with the onslaught of shutter-happy crowds I had to release all of the rest of my disposable cameras as well, including 10 more Kaite 8008 and several of other makes (including 3D cameras with 3 lenses!). Unfortunately, not all cameras made it back to me soundly, but we had anticipated collateral damage. Too bad those seemingly included the cams used during serving the Birthday Cake as I was too busy serving to take pics of my own :( However, I have submitted another blog entry detailing to you the secret art of Lomographic cake baking (with pictures) :D !

Around 2 o’clock and as the crowd flowed until into the street above we moved venue and went to the E-Werk club where we continued to party (until they threw us out at 6 o’ clock)! Some pictures from there even survived :D

The Anniversary Party was a huge success and many attendants demanded a repeat this year 2010 for the LC-A 26th Anniversary!

Maybe then most will bring their own Lomographic cameras :D

Party on!

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  1. panelomo
    panelomo ·

    looks fun!

  2. stouf
    stouf ·

    Sweet !

  3. cyan-shine
    cyan-shine ·

    It was great :D More pictures coming up @ my home :D

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