What's What with the Lomography Color Negative ISO 400


Hi, I’m Hannah, and I just shot, processed and printed my first roll of Lomo film from my La Sardina camera (without flash). This review is to help newbies (like myself!) use the film effectively!

I used 35mm, ISO 400 color negative film. I shot in Phoenix, Arizona (my obviously very sunny hometown) just this past week.

I am quite experienced with black and white film, and shooting for artistic photography. However, I have never used a fixed exposure camera, nor have I experimented with color film! I was undoubtedly very excited to go on a new photography adventure and make Lomo magic. I decided to go on a bike ride along the Arizona canal to let my creativity loose.

Some of my best results were when I shot into the sun (lots of sun flares that give the pictures a misty, dreamy look even though it’s bright and sunny!) and when I shot at or around sunset. The colors in both these situations resemble a cross-processed effect. Also shooting off the water gave really nice shimmery effects.
Other than shooting conditions, using the multiple exposure effect on this film is tricky. The first image you take almost always dominates the second in the final product. If you are going to take a picture in the shade and one in the sun, I recommend taking the shady one first. What will come out is a well-blended double exposure with flattering lighting in the first picture.

Lastly, if you are going to use the bulb option (or the manual exposure where you leave the shutter open as long as the button is held down), do not move the whole camera or the whole thing will become one blurry mess. The only exception is if you’re doing a panning shoot when you move the camera along the same path and at the same speed of a moving subject. This gives a blurred background while you’re subject is mainly in focus.

Hopefully this has provided someone some valuable insight or inspired someone!

written by heygringa on 2013-06-03 #gear #review #lomography #beginner #colornegative #firstroll #lomonoob

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