Solo Biking Routes: My Hometown Lake - Šmartinsko jezero


I love to bike. I bike everywhere — to work, going home, for fun. If it is possible to go with my bike instead of my car, I’ll do it. My car gets quite lonely when sunny spring days start, but as I said, I absolutely love to bike.

I love the freedom my bike gives me; I love how awesome it feels with the wind in my hair. I’ve been like this since forever, since I kind of grew up with a bike and I have so many great childhood memories from riding around with my bike and my friends. We had so many games and we would compete on our bikes every day. When I think of biking, I just get a wide smile on my face. Pure happiness.

I managed to get some of my friends into biking and they love it. Around Celje, my hometown, there are many different places where there’s not a lot of traffic and you can get some peace and quiet.

Among them there is this lake called Šmartinsko jezero. It is situated north of the town, close enough to go there whenever you like it and far enough to get a good excercise. But it gets crowded during the weekends as it is a popular getaway. I don’t know what it is with people and lakes, but we Slovenians seem to love our lakes and visit them quite often.

Credits: lomofrue

Šmartinsko jezero is not a large lake by worldwide standards, but it’s the biggest lake around my hometown. Biking around it takes around an hour, but the terrain is quite hilly so I wouldn’t recommend it to beginners. But you can always find quiet chill out areas around the lake to get some air into your lungs again.

And did I mention there are swans and ducks everywhere?

Credits: lomofrue

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  1. rbruce63
    rbruce63 ·

    Biking brings the kid in me back too!

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