Seychelles, The Paradise Islands: 4 Days as in a Dream


Rainbows, mango trees, the ocean and flying foxes… I still can not believe that I had seen it all! Luckily, my dear LC-A, Holga and SuperSampler were with me — and 16 films of sun and happiness prove, that it was real.

Credits: japsix

I have no idea why it took me so long to write about my trip to paradise island, it was almost 3 years ago! Back then, I worked in a magazine and the editorial office gave me a perfect gift and sent me on a press tour to the Seychelles.

A day before departure, I caught a cold and was even thinking to cancel the trip, (because 10 hours in a plane is definitely not the best medicine) but then I realized that I would regret it for a lifetime! When will be the next time I get a chance to go to paradise island?

I can hardly remember my transfer in Doha, but I will never forget the arrival to the islands: when I woke up, the plane was flying very low already, it was possible to consider a wave and a number of tiny islands in the distance, but there was no land below us, only ocean. I was starting to feel nervous, not really looking forward to landing right into the waves, but at the last minute, a runaway that started directly from the ocean line appeared.

Credits: japsix

At the airport, we were met by a former resident of Nizhny Novgorod named Alexander, who came to the Seychelles 30 years ago to teach Russian and stayed ever since. We were all so terribly jealous, because we really wanted to do the same!

It was raining as we drove to the hotel, but 10 minutes later, the sun was shining and a huge rainbow was in the sky framing all these palm trees, flowers, coconuts… mmm, a dream!

Credits: japsix

On the first day, we only managed to see a small part of Victoria (Seychelles’ capital). This city, is located on the Mahe Island, the population counts around 25,000 people and it is the largest city in the country. As the Seychelles were a British colony once, it is not difficult to guess that the city was named in honor of Queen Victoria.

The city looked charming: a fruit market, fishermen working with the fishnets, the incredible beauty of the sunset near the ocean.

I really wanted to stay in the city to walk along its narrow streets, and feel the real atmosphere of the island. But even a press-tour has drawbacks: long walks around the city are not included into their program.

But in the evening, flying foxes were circling around the mango trees near “my” villa. And at night, I swam in the ocean for the first time in my life. The water glowed in the darkness. It was because of the plankton — when you’re moving in the water, you touch thousands of tiny creatures and though you can’t feel it, you see a glowing trail (very similar to the Milky Way) that appears around you.

Credits: japsix

The next day, we stayed in the hotel, and all 3 of my cameras did not stop taking pictures.

I never liked sandy beaches, but this one was special: with white sand, turquoise water, palm trees, and pieces of smooth granite rocks (a long time ago the island was under water and now you can see the trails of undertows on the rocks and cliffs. Gorgeous smooth furrows and lines).

Attentive hotel workers brought us sunbeds, and opened umbrellas. A minute later, he appeared with a pitcher of cold water, then with a tray of fruit sorbet… everything seemed absolutely unreal, as if I suddenly fell asleep and got into a Hollywood movie!

Credits: japsix

On the third day, we went to the Praslin and La Digue Islands on a huge white yacht and our captain (2 meters high in a striped t-shirt and mirrored sunglasses) had the most charming smile in the world.

We all climbed on top of the upper deck, closer to our captain. And everything was just perfect, exactly up to the moment when we left the bay.

Once in the open ocean, our boat was thrown from side to side, into the sky and then back into the waves.
We grabbed handrails and tried hard to stay in place! Each time the boat fell into the waves, showers of ocean water came on us, no wonder that 5 minutes later, we were completely dripping wet!

It was scary and fun and at the same time. And while we squealed with delight, our captain was completely calm and confident for it is a common thing for him.

The way to the Praslin wasn’t close – a little over an hour. When we disembarked, I could hardly move my hands: they just petrified as I desperately clung to the handrails. But it was worth it!

Credits: japsix

Praslin is the second largest island of the archipelago, it is often called the “Garden of Eden”. Located here is the National Park of Valee de Mai (“May Valley”, is included into the UNESCO World Heritage List). This is the only place in the world where the coco de mer palms grow. Huge coconuts, very similar to female ass in its shape! Some of these coconuts even weigh 20-30 kg! The Government preserves them carefully and if you want to take coco de mer with you, you’ll have to get million certificates for export, otherwise – prison!

The territory where these unique palms grow is now a nature reserve, it is carefully guarded during daytime and at night, no one dares to step into the woods. Local people believe that at night, the palm trees come alive and make love. In fact, when you walk out there in the grove, you can easily believe that all the trees are alive!

Credits: japsix

Another 20 minutes of extreme rolling and we were on the most beautiful island we’ve seen during the trip – La Digue. This small island, only 5 km long and 3 wide, is considered the most beautiful of all the islands of the Seychelles archipelago. The island received its name in honor of one of the ships of French explorer Marc-Joseph Marion de Fresno, who visited the Seychelles in 1768. There are almost no cars: only bicycles and carts, but there are huge turtles, coconut and cinnamon plantations and one of the most beautiful beaches in the world: Anse Source d’Argent.

And it is truly the most beautiful beach, I’ve ever seen!

I couldn’t imagine that such beauty exists in the real life! Sparkling blue waters, powdery fine sand, palm trees and the wild beauty of the stones: huge, smoothed by the ocean granite rocks with deep furrows of the sea currents… The film in the camera ended faster than I noticed it.

Still, even the most lucky shots can’t capture the beauty that surrounds you! This place definitely has some powerful super-positive energy that makes you wanna stay right there on the beach and never leave!

Credits: japsix

We spent only 4 days on the Seychelles islands (though it felt like it was only 4 hours) and they were so bright that I can talk about this trip for hours and hours!

For example, a cute little gecko came to visit me in my villa. He apparently lived there for a while and knew that in the evening fruits and sweets, which he came to feast on, appeared on the table.

At first, he was scared of me and hid quickly when I stepped into the room, but then he realized that I do not have anything against him eating my sweets, and remained sitting on the plate, eating cake with a very satisfied look.

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