Tinagong Dagat


One thing that is legendary about Philippines is that almost every modern city or town has a tinagong dagat…

… Or hidden waters? Hidden spring? Your own suggestion might help, perhaps. Tinagong Dagat is in Guimbala-on, a mountainous area in the heart of Negros Occidental. From Bacolod, a little travel of less than 45 minutes can take you to Silay City. From that point, you have to either ride a tricycle or a car that can make its way to the foot of the mountain for another 30-45 minutes.

Trekking the way up is challenging since half of the year in the country is rainy season. You have to watch your steps or you might slide your way back down with your face full of mud. Helpful reminders like bringing necessities is a must. For around an hour, you’ll hear a glimpse of the Tinagong Dagat. A little way up and you’ll be able to bathe in the cold spring waters.

It’s a nice place, yes. Camping there is quite good. Rainy season is the priority of going there since during summer, the Tinagong Dagat will be dried up. Blame it on global warming or not, but I think the best time to go up there is around October or September of the year.

A nice view is also waiting in the top of the mountain. You can also enjoy the sunset and sunrise.

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  1. stouf
    stouf ·

    Gorgeous trekking ! You lucky !!!

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