Backstage Portraits: Malaysian Artists

Previously named Budaya Maju Cultural Troupe established as a non profit cultural group to preserve and promote traditional dance, music and indigenous craft, the Persatuan Seni Budaya Sabah (PSBS), otherwise known as the Cultural and Performing Arts Association, Sabah, was established and registered in 1990.

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From a small group of 10 young performers who just wanted to learn and promote traditional music, PSBS today has 50 strong members representing various indigenous groups in Sabah, categorized as small children, youth and senior citizens. The members are not only adept in dancing and playing music but also in producing traditional crafts.

Credits: lakandula

The Association has shown the world their talents through various cultural showcases, events and exchange programmes they have been invited to including performances in Korea, Thailand, Philippines, Indonesia and Cambodia. They have won several competitions such as the Igal-igal contemporary dance in the Philippines and other Malaysian dance competitions.

Their instruments are a set of 6 gongs, bamboo xylophones, sompoton (mouth flutes) and drums.

Credits: lakandula

They recently participated in the 1st International Gongs and Bamboo Music Festival in Dipolog City, Philippines.

Credits: lakandula

Culture and music are definitely bridges to peace.

Took these shots during the quick changes backstage as they emerge from the costume room with a different set of mesmerizing costumes.

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