The Lomographer at Work: Guess My Line of Work!

2013-05-24 1

I want to show you some photos of the places where I worked. Can you guess what kind of work I did?

I’m still a student, but I’m working with some of my professors and other people. I’m going to show you some photos taken in the places I visited during my working days.

Here I was in Lomazzo, near Como, in a place called “ComoNext Science and Technology Park.”

Exterior of ComoNext

This place it’s in an old building, but the interiors are really modern and sci-fiction-like, this contrast is really cool for me!

During coffee breaks, I took some shots in the interiors too:

Interiors of ComoNext

Another place where I worked is really small. Probably, with these images, you should be able to understand my kind of work, or at least, to spot the field of work:

Credits: gionnired

The last place where I worked is in a really cool building; in this case the exterior is also old but the interior is full of colors and design masterpiece!

Credits: gionnired

Did you manage to guess what I did for work?

Maybe, with this last photo you’ll understand:

Me at work

I’m an Architectural Visualizer! I create computer-generated images of architectures, like virtual photos!

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