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While we are no longer accepting submissions for News articles, we still want your tips! Tips are considered articles where Lomography or analogue photography are featured. Shoot us an e-mail at, and you will be credited for every approved/published tip!

So what tips are we talking about? Share with us how you use analogue cameras and film to take those stunning images, or write an article about shooting in special conditions or using special techniques. How about some advice on using those accessories, and preserving your gear? Scroll down for our specially requested tips this month. Give us the low down on how you rock the analogue lifestyle!

Analogue Lifestyle

  • Fun Under the Sun: June is upon us, which means Summer is here! Well, if you’re somewhere in the Northern Hemisphere, that is. It’s time for that much needed fun under the sun, so we’re sure you’d be heading outdoors to enjoy the warm sunshine. Tell us, show us a slice of your summer with your stories and photos!
  • Dad and I: June 16 is a special date in most parts of the world, for it’s a day dedicated to celebrating the significance of our amazing fathers. Tell us about the special bond you share with dear daddy and escort us down memory lane by sharing your photos with him.
  • Shoot Your Daddy: If you have photos with Dad back in the day, then you probably have some solo shots of him too. Send us analogue photos of your dad when he had more hair and dressed differently, and tell us about why he was a legend back then. Or better yet, take new photos of him and tell him why he’s the best dad in the world more than ever!
  • Then and Now: If you find old photos of you and your dad, perhaps you’d like to recreate those precious moments today and recapture almost the exact same moment, many years after? Found a photo of you feeding daddy with a slice of cake when you were five years old? Have someone take a picture of you putting a slice of cake into Daddy’s mouth today. Send us those photos and share your hilarious story.
  • Skate Season: The month of June also heralds the skate season, as the international Go Skateboarding Day is all set to happen on June 21st. Whether you’re planning to take part in the event and document it, or simply have some eloquent skate photos that have a story to tell, we’d like for you to share them with us throughout this month!
  • Out and Proud: If you want to express yourself and share your personal story (or even perhaps, the story of someone close to you), the go ahead and tell us about it! Tell us the things you love about being you, and why. Show us glamorous photos of your beautiful self!

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  • Summer Hot Spots: Surely, with the sun shining warmer and brighter, you’ll feel compelled to spend your days outdoors and not waste the sunshine away. Where do you usually head to bask in the picture-perfect weather? Whether it’s an inviting beach, a verdant park, or a charming cafe, we’d love to take a look at it!
  • Skate Spots Around the World: If skateboarding is something you do to keep an active lifestyle, surely, there must be a skate spot in your area that you frequent, whether by yourself or with some skater friends. Why don’t you share your favorite skate spot to your fellow lomographer-skaters and say what you like most about it?
  • Pride in the Street: Have you ever found yourself going and participating in the lively Gay Parades in your area (or in other areas, for that matter)? How was the experience? We would love to hear about it, and see photos of the festivities too!

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  • Lomo LC-A+
  • Lomo LC-Wide
  • Horizon Perfekt
  • Horizon Kompakt
  • Lomo Lubitel 166+
  • Belair X 6-12 Jetsetter


  • Kodak Elitechrome EB 100 35mm
  • Fuji Pro 160C 35mm
  • Lomography Color Negative 100 ISO (35mm and 120)
  • Fuji Astia 100F (35mm and 120)
  • Redscaled films (including DIY redscaled films)


  • Lomography Smartphone Scanner
  • LC-A Instant Back+
  • Fisheye Adaptor Set
  • Diana+ 110mm Telephoto Lens
  • Lomo LC-A+ Krab Underwater Housing
  • LC-A+ Wide-Angle Lens

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  • Motion Photography Tips: Since this sunny season is a time to be on the move and be more active outdoors this sunny season, some motion photography techniques would come in handy. Do you have some tips for nailing those perfectly timed motion shots? Share them with us, we’d like to give them a try!
  • Summer Photography Tips: This bright and perfectly sunny season calls for a different set of shooting techniques. So, help a fellow lomographer get memorable summer shots wherever they’re headed and share your own summer photography tips!

Regular Contributions

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