A red dot on a globe, Singapore is one of the smallest countries in the world. Yet in this diminutive island state, one would find a train/tube infrastructure that most in the world would find comprehensive.

Covering an area of 704 square kilometres, Singapore is one of the most densely populated countries in the world. Yet within the confines of the island, public transportation is one of the most efficient(sic) and pretty much covers the entire map. An Aussie tourist was quoted calling it a “kudzu” of buses and trains.

The most prominent and by far the quickest way to get around is the Mass Rapid Transit (MRT). Starting as a government initiative in 1987, the system grew to include 77 stations and a stable of more than a hundred trains. With daily ridership reaching 1.4 million, each and every MRT station becomes a hive of activity where people congregate.

With the opening of the Northeast Line in 2003, The Art in Transit programme was commissioned to style each station with installation pieces from local artists. With the advent of art reaching the masses, more and more opportunities arrive for lomographers to shoot art in motion.

In the land scarce Singapore, many stations can be found underground, leaving space above for buildings and uses. And around each station, is a hive of activity. An MRT station is usually placed in the center of housing estate where people meet, work, play and eat. Accessibility is paramount in this fast paced country and putting the trains where everything is epitomizes that philosophy.

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