Throwback Thursday: Video Calls in the 50s and Other Inventions


This Thursday’s throwback is all about the off-beat and the unusual innovations from the late 1940s and beyond!

At the rate that technology is advancing these days, seeing photos of inventions and technological trends from the earlier part of the century gives us the slight feeling of disbelief and surrealness. In fact, this article by the Business Insider that we recently stumbled upon is a proof of that.

While you could say that some of these inventions are early prototypes of gadgets and services that are pretty much the norm today, the others are pretty far out and silly! Here are some of our favorites:

The hairline brush. Photo by Don Brinn/AP Photo via Business Insider
The “Auto Minion”, a record player that you can attach to the dashboard of your car. Photo by Peter Hillebrecht/AP Photo via Business Insider
The TV telephone. Photo by Walter Lindlar/AP Photo via Business Insider

What do you guys think? You can view the whole gallery here.

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