Sophia Loren smiling and holding a bouquet of flowers while sitting on a balcony ledge


The Italian beauty and classy Hollywood star looks stunning in this balcony shot, but one probably can’t help feel slightly fearful of her sitting daringly on the ledge!

Photo via The Nifty Fifties on Tumblr

It was May 1959 — Italian actress Sophia Loren was in the famed French coast town of Cannes to attend the Cannes Film Festival and promote Nella Citta L’Inferno, a film by Renato Castellani. This beautiful photo is just one of the several one showing Loren posing, smiling, and perhaps channeling her inner Juliet by the balcony of her hotel. Around the time, she was also on her way to becoming an international star, having signed up with Paramount for a five-picture contract the year before.

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