ReeLocations: Kemaman Recreational Park and Mini Zoo, Terengganu


Love animals? Have some time to spare? Why not head to Kemaman Recreational Park and Mini Zoo for a walk?

Kemaman Recreational Park and Mini Zoo is located in Terengganu, about 14km from Chukai Town. It was officially opened in 2009 and is one of the options for recreational activities during the weekends for the locals.

Kemaman Recreational Park and Mini Zoo is not that huge but it is just nice for me to walk around the entire area. It houses animals such as tigers, bears, birds, elephants and monkeys — the tigers being the star attraction.

Credits: funfun

Although they were too far for me to take a good picture of them, I was glad to be able to see the tigers roaming around in their enclosure. I saw some playful elephants too. I especially liked the cute baby elephant that played with an old tyre. The baby elephant might be a good subject for a mini movie.

Other attractions in the park include a water park, a suspension bridge and an observation deck. Although the water park is small, it is good enough for the children to play in, especially on a hot sunny day. The suspension bridge offers an interesting experience for the visitors when crossing it. I liked the observation deck as it allows visitors to observe the animals.

There is a small orchid park in Kemaman Recreational Park and Mini Zoo as well. It houses a great number of orchids and vsitors can take a rest on the benched and admire the beauty around them.

Credits: funfun

Kemaman Recreational Park and Mini Zoo is a great place for the family to spend some quality time together. It is also a good place, especially for animal lovers to observe the animals and take some pictures of them. Perhaps a movie with the title of ‘A Night At the Zoo’ can be filmed here?

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