Grape Harvest in Cachapoal Valley, Chile: Time for Wine!


The beginning of Autumn in the South Hemisphere is the perfect time to drink some wine, eat some typical food, and participate in the grape harvest festivities!

Maybe some of you have heard about Chilean wines. This time, let me invite you to one of the most important festivities of my country: Grape Harvest. The Harvest Festival includes activities that celebrate the harvest of wine grapes in the Central Zone of Chile, comprised of Ligua River in the north, to Ñuble river in the south. These places are considered the most fertile soils and increased productivity, as well as those who are undergoing major modernization and industrialization in wine industry. Indeed, it is the area where the largest population of the country sits!

Here is where you’ll encounter the typical traditions born of the Chilean countryside. Grape harvest activities required in a short period of time requires a lot of labor. To the relative scarcity of this, producers are rewarded with festive activities work.

This Mediterranean climate makes it ideal for the cultivation and production of high quality musts (freshly pressed fruit juice). This is also where harvests are more organized, and festivals are more luxurios and lush in all the country.

There are different stands where each winery showing their best products. You may be tasting your wine glass and re-fill it as often as you want! To avoid drunkenness, you can find different local and rural products, from classic empanadas, to grilled lamb, beef jerky, jams, fruit field, craft beer, chocolate cakes, pickles and more.

Finally, everyone dances to the cueca (Chilean traditional dance), although tropical rhythms is what most catches the public.

Credits: gatokinetik-o

This is my Autumn getaway, but here in my city!

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