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I never did such a planned travel with a travel organisation before – normally I prefer organizing all on my own, so that I can always decide how long to stay at any place. But the program of Pink Iceland seemed really great! And on our last Iceland holidays we hadn’t seen that much of the Party Scene in Reykjavík – one reason more to join the group: they planned some really nice evenings for us!

At the Gullfoss waterfall (Golden Circle Tour)

The long Rainbow Reykjavik weekend started on Thursday and finished on Sunday. It was organized by a travel agency called Pink Iceland, and the events are not only for tourists, also some of the locals attended.


First, we went to the blue lagoon. Those, who have already been in Reykjavik, were picked up at the hotel, to meet those, who just arrived at the airport. With a welcome drink in one hand, a silicae mask on the face, we soaked through the lagoon and got to know the others, while the sun was going down. After this relaxing wellness bath, a dinner in the lava restaurant was offered. We got some really tasty Icelandic food, like Sushi (yes, Icelandic Sushi, you should try it!).

On the terrace, we enjoyed the nightly view over the lagoon, searching the sky for northern lights, and admiring the stars, which seem a lot brighter than at home. Later, the bus brought us to a little Welcome Party in the Reykjavik Hotel La Marina, where we had a little drink, before a small bus brought us back to our hotel around midnight.

Blue Lagoon, Lava restaurant and welcome party


Already the first morning, we realized, that it’s not going to be the most relaxing trip we ever had, but fun and with a lot of things to do and to see. We had some problems to get out of bed, but the breakfast in our Reykjavik Hotel Natura was worth it. We didn’t have much time to finish our coffee, when already the bus arrived to pick us up for a sightseeing city tour. The tour was mostly relaxing, because the bus just drove around in the city, and our travel guide Guðni explained all the places we passed. The bus drove until the lighthouse Grótta, then turned back. Now we even got an idea, where Björk is living, but we won’t tell anybody.


After two stops, one at Perlan, and one at the Hallgrimmskirkja, we arrived at the Icelandic Phallological Museum, and admired the genitals of all different kind of species. The Phallological Museum is quite small, so we stayed for just about 15 minutes, until we were brought to a beautiful place next to the little lake Tjörnin, to get another fabulous Icelandic meal, and to watch an amazing Glíma Wrestling Show, which was – especially for the guys – a little bit kinky.

Phallological Museum
Glíma Wrestling

After enjoying the wrestling show, we had a free afternoon in Reykjavík.

Free afternoon in Reykjavik

In the evening, a group dinner at the fabulous Harpa concert hall was organized. Did I already tell how great Icelandic food is? After dinner, we just went from 2nd floor to 1st floor, to attend a concert with the Icelandic Eurovision song contest stars. A girl from Reykjavík told us that we must be able to sing all songs of them, because they are played on many parties! At least for the German winner song from two years ago, Lena Meyer-Landrut’s Satellite, it worked fine for us.

Dinner and concert at the Harpa concert hall


Saturday was the day of the Golgen Circle Tour, which is THE tour that everybody has to do in Iceland. Again, Guðni provided us with all interesting information about the things we could see: the greenhouses in Hveragerði, the icelandic pon… ehm: horses, and so on. Our first stop was the Geysir: an amazing spot! We had lunch in a restaurant close to the geysir, I think, it was called “the Glima Restaurant”. I don’t have to say, that the food was amazing as usual. We met the charming ladies Didi and Dua at the Restaurant. They joined us for a while, and Didi established the soundtrack for the bus tour.

Next stop was the impressive Gullfoss waterfall, which was surrounded with icicles.

Geysir + Restaurant

In the Laugavatn Spa, we had the possibility to taste some of the fresh bread, which was baked in the hot, geothermal earth. Then we relaxed in the warm pools and the saunas, some more courageous people went in the cold water of the Laguvatn lake after the sauna!

The tour ended with a visit at the Þingvellir national park, where it was already getting too dark to see that much. But Didi prepared some tasty snacks for us: smoked lamb and Skyr.


In the evening, the big party started, that we have all waited for. In the beautiful house, where we have already been for the Glíma Wrestling Show, a big pink masquerade party was organized! The two beautiful girls from Pink Iceland, Birna and Eva Maria turned out to be really amazing Djanes (DJ Glimmer). Also, we discovered, that we had an amazing singer in the group, Danny Hilton. We danced all night until we had to take the first bus to the airport.



Flight back to Germany. We were sleeping during the whole trip.

For this time, we didn’t see the northern lights. But we’ll be back, we promise! <3

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    beautiful memories and pictures! pink iceland provides such a good service by the way. I haven't heard of them before. nice to learn that.

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