La Sardina Accessories: Make Your Own DIY


Do you love to use a Splitzer with your La Sardina? The you must try to make this “Peek-Through” Splitzer using an empty film box! It takes Splitzer photos to a brand new level!

So one day I read this article about making a simple Splitzer for La Sardina camera using an empty film box, then I stared at a window and thought: “Hey, I can make a Splitzer that makes a peek-effect!” So here it is, my home made Splitzer, i named it a “Peek-Through” Splitzer!

What you need is:

  • An empty film box
  • Tape (I recommend duct tape)
  • La Sardina’s lens cover for size
  • Scissor or cutter
  • Ruler
  • Pencil or pen
  • An empty film tube

Well photos tell more than words, so here’s some step by step photos about how to make this Splitzer:

And it’s done! Now remember, the Splitzer is made from a film box, so it’s a little fragile, I recommend you to keep it in a film tube

The Splitzer is ready to use! Be creative with it! make a “X” or “+” photo by doing double exposure, or just simply make a “-” or “|” photo! use your imagination!

Here is my result with the “Peek-Through” Splitzer:

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