Lomography CN 800 ISO and My Very First Rolls with Lomography


I really got into analogue photography thanks to the workshops I attended when I was living in London. The first 3 workshops I went to were using the Lomography CN 800 ISO.

I think I fell into Lomography because I was so pleased to see the results I got with my first rolls with the roll and the cameras. I almost didn’t know anything about analogue photography (I had a Diana+ at this moment but I wasn’t happy with the results) but even like that, I got good results!

I was surprised to see that all my night pictures were good and not blurry as I thought they would be and I really loved this film! Now that I think about it, I realized I never shot with this film again after these workshops. Why? I have no idea. But I’m going to change this soon!

So, here are some pictures from my first workshop, using a Fisheye and the Lomography 800 ISO:

First try doing long exposures

Here are some of my photos from the second workshop, a tour around “seedy Soho,” this time using the Lomo LC-A+:

And finally, some pictures from the third workshop for Chinese new year, still using the LC-A+:

So, I think that the Lomography CN 800 ISO 35mm is a really really good film to take night pictures!
Someday, I’ll try it during the day to see if the results are as good as this!

The Lomography Color Negative 35mm 800 ISO film is a high-speed film designed to bring a burst of vibrant colour, as well as great saturation and contrast, in all lighting conditions! Shoot in bright sunshine, grey days, indoors or at night with a flash. See our selection of Lomography films here.

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