Now that Sunny Weather has Arrived, Don't Forget the SuperSampler!

2013-05-29 1

It’s time to go out now that sunny weather has arrived. Get a little tanned and don’t forget the SuperSampler! Fun is guaranteed with this camera. Keep reading if you don’t believe it!

Credits: biscotita

I believe the SumperSampler is one of the first Lomography cameras we have ever had. The first thing that catches your attention is its ripcord that advances the film and its lack of a viewer, but what makes her really unique are the four beady eyes nestled in its plastic body that catch everything.

Its pictures could be considered a short movie in a photo. Its four panoramic lenses are tailored for sunny days and moving subjects, that’s why it’s the perfect camera to take on an outdoors trip with your friends.

Credits: biscotita

It’s also a great to photograph your walks around the city or to capture your trips around the world.

Credits: biscotita

I’m sure your pets will adore it too.

Credits: biscotita

Finally, a few specs:

  • Lenses: 4 panoramic lenses
  • Shutter: 4 pictures in 2 seconds or 4 pictures in 0,2 seconds
  • Focus: 0,3 m – infinity. No focus setting required
  • Film: 35mm, it’s advised to use high ASA film.

Don’t go out of the house without your Supersampler!

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