Diana F+ CMYK: Powerful Pastel Colours


Diana F+ CMYK is my favourite clone of the iconic Diana, and one of the best birthday gifts I have ever received.

My journey in Lomography started with a Diana+, the predecessor to the Diana F+. I love that camera but it has a small limitation: it has no flash and sometimes you really miss that extra light…

A couple years ago I asked for a Diana with flash for my birthday, and when I opened the gift, there she was, shiny with with its pastel colors, my new Diana F+ CMYK.

I have to say I’m a fan of the colour combination used in this camera(I did not know what the future would bring), but let’s focus on my camera:

It has several colors

  • Cyan the lower part of the body
  • Magenta the flash and the wheel
  • Yellow the upper part of the body
  • Key / black the lenses, it’s, la cover, the shutter and a few details

Because it is a Diana F+ clone, the CMYK has the same features:

  • Three focus zones: 1-2 meters, 2-4 meters, 4 meters – infinity
  • Four apertures: cloudy, partly cloudy, sunny and pinhole. You have to bear in mind that this apertures are made for an ASA 400 film, so if you are planning to use one with less ASA and it’s partly cloudy, use the cloudy aperture, so the shutter will open more and it’ll capture more light. The opposite should be done with an ASA higher than 400.
  • Two shutter speeds: N – normal approximately a shot of 1/60 seconds and B – bulb that leaves the shutter open and you can use it for nocturnal photography, or whenever you need some extra light. As a tip, if you shoot in bulb mode, make sure you have a steady place where you can place your camera so it won’t move (tripod, table) and use the shutter lock so you won’t move it either.

This camera uses 120 film format and allows you to take from 12 to 16 pictures depending on the film size. The beautiful thing about this camera is that it allows you to take double exposures and even panoramas.

Finally, the flash plugs directly to the classical two-pronged plug of the Diana. As an accessory, it brings a hotshoe adapter so you can use it on any standard hot shoe camera. It also includes a set of small colour filters so you can use them with the flash and change the color and intensity of the shots. This flash is really easy to use, it has an off / on button, a test button, and a light that turns right when the flash is ready to shot.

If you are thinking of buying a Diana F+ clon that gives a little color to your lomo-walks, Diana F+ CMYK is a great option.


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translated by ladyfromthepast

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