Solo Biking Routes: The Machali Hacienda

The Machalí Ranch is a settlement dating back to the colonial era of Chile, around which many legends are made. It’s the perfect place to go biking, as it is only ten minutes away from my neighborhood, and its almost my backyard!

It’s one of my favorite places, and it highlights the essence of the central field of my country. Best yet, it is located literally behind my house. You probably already know of this place, because for me, it is an important and frequent “SoLocation”, and one of my favorite places to ride on the weekends.

Photos of a set made in the outsides of the Machali Hacienda

Machalí Hacienda Road is a rural circuit — with long dirt roads, large trees, homesteads and native animals which transmit the customs and traditions of the region, reflecting creole times. It was here where activities related to agriculture and livestock were developed, and it is the reason why we are able to see stables with farm animals, take milk from the cows, eat homemade bread, find fruits, jams and local produce and ride horseback today.

These lands belonged to a prominent family in the area — the Sanfuentes family — and according to legend, the devil himself rode down this road on new moon nights because the owner and skipper of the estate would have made a covenant with Satan to build his fortune(!).

For this reason, and to calm their tenants and the people who was passing through the area, an image of Christ directly from France was sent to the area, which today is found in a small sanctuary that people never fail to visit. It has been attributed to many miracles, among of which account the expelling Satan.

The Christ image in the Machali Hacienda

According to locals, the devil still visits here in her carriage, and at midnight you can hear the whine of their steeds. While I can not testify to this, the place has an incredible energy, and is perfect for an autumn evening walk or a bike ride in the morning — don’t worry, it is a very safe place, even it is not cemented.


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