Gallery of Guilty Pleasures: Jump As High As You Can!

2013-05-19 7

They have been done a million times, even a billion times maybe. An exhausting photographic pose which we have never been tired of. The irony, eh?

Ah yes, jumpshots! That pose where you’re up in the air, with a smile directed at the camera. Analogue, digital, this pose is a favorite of many. And we, of course we just can’t let it pass by!

It’s a guilty pleasure, indeed. But heck it is fun! And with a film camera in our hand, shooting that perfect jumpshot makes the task double. Well, here we are with 50 film photographs that shouts “JUMP!” Enjoy, everyone!

Credits: kathepalacio, vicuna, myloveletter, sumlom, disdis, earlybird, tyler_durden, blueskyandhardrock, dabai, weihsuan, adi_totp, robotto_dawad, filby, harrietgreen, panzergirl, xaviru, ali55, ccwu, boredbone, purepaty, syroneb, jillpossible, wil6ka, camielioo, welland, abcdefuck, auguste-oldham, pretty_in_mad, sprofishgel, fayeusokoi, dida, space_they_cannot_touch, tommynorth, life_on_mars, jeffr, alexroarsatlyons, lomographybarcelona, moodification & kekoponte

P.S. Hope you didn’t miss that cat and dog in our gallery! Hey, animals can ride in the fun, too. ;)

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