Impressionist-Inspired Multiple Exposed Photos by Eeva Karhu

If you’ve ever wondered what else you can do with multiple exposure, the ethereal, Impressionist-inspired works of a Finnish artist and photographer might in turn be inspirational for you. Find out more after the jump!

We all like to dabble on multiple exposures every now and then, so I’m sure you will be delighted to see and learn about the works of Finnish photographer and artist Eeva Karhu. Drawing inspiration from master Impressionists Claude Monet and Joseph Turner, she makes use of light and color to “paint” a certain ethereal feel to her photos. The result of this deliberate and controlled approach to multiple exposed photos is beautiful and delicate. Monet and Turner would certainly be proud.

Take a look at some of her works below:

Photos via Eeva Karhu's Helsinki School Portfolio

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All information for this article was sourced from This is Colossal and Eeva Karhu's Helsinki School Portfolio.

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