Honing our Beloved LC-A: Basic Tips for Good Maintenance

2013-05-26 8

Whenever I’m traveling, I can not miss the company of my LC-A. But, like some old lady, through all the hustle and rides, she gets exhausted. I prepared this basic maintenance schedule to resurrect her after each trip, and have it ready for next time!

Dear Lomographers: Has it not occurred to you that when you travel, your beloved LC-A begins to break, loosen, and start problems closing the lens cap? Do the light filters or batteries get exhausted? Well, it happens to me a lot, and it’s because my LC-A is almost my age, and has enough wear and tear. The idea is to not find unexposed frames when picking your films after being developed, I leave here the maintenance schedule I generated for my camera, so that it is always ready to accompany me to the sea, mountains, jungles, or even the desert. And it’s very simple!

We will need some materials:

  • Lens cleaning liquid.
  • Cotton swabs.
  • Cleaning cloth.
  • Screws of lenses (I use especially of Ray-Ban glasses, old model. Go to an optical store)
  • Screwdriver for small caliber, shoulder and cross.
  • Electrical tape (Isolator).
  • 3 batteries (or batteries) SR44 or LR44.

1. Loosen the screws on the front of the lens cover. This is usually the first part to be released, and creates conflicts. In particular, for me, this part always is always the malfunctioning lens closure. After removing this piece, we have the vision of the mechanical part of the lens (for above)

As you can see, my LC-A has over time, gotten a mark on his face!

2. Then remove also the part of the screws holding the latch lever and covering the lens focus. I suggest leaving separate screws.

The larger screws correspond to the lens cap. The smaller, the whole inner mechanism. As you can see, after so much use …Some screws become loose and fall!

3. Get the swabs soaked with cleaning fluid (note that is conventionally used to clean LCD screens) and clean, sand, and dust across the base metal. Then do the same with another swab, for the lens. Then clean it with the cloth.

4. I adjust the pieces in place. I go back to tighten the screws on the inside of the camera. Take care that the focus lever not be “trapped” by a very thick screw!. It would be advisable to lubricate certain parts linked to the mechanical operation of the camera, but I personally I have no problems with these components.

5. I reinstall the lens cap. I must be careful to check the occurrence of the appropriate functioning of the tabs, before tightening screws.

6. We perform battery replacement. I make sure that they really work. To do this, you can try testing a battery tester or test the shutter at different speeds, with the opened back of the camera. When the batteries are exhausted, there are no differences in the speed and degree of opening of the shutter.

7. With another swab soaked in cleaning fluid, remove all lint and dust as possible inside of the camera.

8. Finally, seal all cracks in the body of the camera that may cause light leaks with electrical tape. Those who like light leaks, skip this step!

9. And… Ready! Our travel friend is ready to go for travel, or Lomowalk, or whatever with us again.

I hope you liked this. Simple and easy to perform. At least for me, it’s a must to keep this 80’s beauty working well! :D


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    looks like your lc-a have been thru time after time. :)

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    ITT: Don't leave it cocked when storing it, and don't break it.

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