The Lomographer at Work: A Day as a PhD Student

2013-05-22 1

Doing a PhD is time consuming and hard. Rest assured, you will never get the result you expected, and never in the time frame given.

Chalk boards cover the walls, and with time white dust settles over little used couches and on the stacks of papers having been pushed out towards the corners of your desk. The build-up of chalk dust becomes much like the vignetting effect of a photo, only here the effect is not due to lack of light, but rather lack of time, since it bears witness of the articles you meant to read but never got around to.

On my way to work I snap some pictures, knowing full well it will be much too dark when I get home.

Credits: impaktor

People work from early morning, to well past midnight. There are competitions on who can come in the earliest, and stay the longest, but no one can break that record of three days nonstop set in 1988.

In the corridor I can hear heavy tired steps dragging themselves to the kitchen where their owner hopes to find life’s liquid nourishment in the form of coffee, preferably so black and thick you can barely get it out of the pot. If the pot is empty, there will soon be an angry note put up or e-mail sent out, explaining that such heinous acts can not be tolerated.

Having the office next to the kitchen means constant distraction. People see our office as an extension of the coffee-room, always stepping in for a chat while the tea is brewing, or just as an excuse to procrastinate and get some human contact.

The life of a PhD-student is summed up in the web comic phd-comics, although the most popular comic at the department would be the science nerd comic xkcd. Coffee, comics, and science turned into strange nerd references keeps the office running for yet another day.

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    Great article! And I also love PhDComics, by the way!! :)

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