Stop Motion Sunday: Digital Analogue by Lu Sisi


This Sunday’s stop motion feature is an awesomely cool video that juxtaposes the old and the new. Watch it under the cut!

“Since the introduction of digital technology, the relationship between camera and photographer has altered dramatically. Speed and accessibility have come at the expense of mystery, intimacy and tactility – qualities exclusive to analogue photography.” – Lu Sisi

Winner of the Best Video award in the Budget Category of the New York TV Program and Film Festival in 2011, Digital Analogue is a two-minute stop motion short film made by Lu Sisi, a Visual Communication graduate from the Glasgow School of Art.

The video was created by meticulously stitching together over six thousand still photos of various vintage cameras and photography equipment, and is set to a track that is a composite of recorded sounds made by analogue cameras. The result is an eye-catching and wonderful mashup of the past and the present.

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