Taking Back Tipsters: Instant Photography Tips


Whether you want to do more with your instant cameras and instant backs or looking for some quick tips on instant photography, this installment of Taking Back Tipsters may be able to help you!

Maybe you’ve seen some of the previously published tipsters on instant cameras and instant backs in an earlier installment of Taking Back Tipsters. But, we’d still like to share with you some more of these tips and tricks to make your instant photography journey easier and more fun!

Image by yokekei

Instax Mini 7s - Viewfinder Accuracy Issue by yokekei

Maybe you’ve noticed, maybe you haven’t yet, but lomographer has observed that the Instax Mini 7 exhibits a parallax error: what you see through the viewfinder is not the actual image that gets captured on film. This means your subjects appear off-center despite proper composition, which can be annoying. In her tipster above, yokekei explains this problem and shows us how we can solve this viewfinder accuracy problem.

Credits: lostlittlekid

Self Portraits - Fun with Instax Mini! by lostlittlekid

Self-portraits are everyone’s favorites, so it’s not surprising that lostlittlekid has found various ways to spice up those instant selfies. Head over to the tipster above to find out how you can make those selfies or portraits of your friends look more fun and interesting!

Credits: adi_totp

Instant Photography Tips: Instax Love with Fuji Instax Mini 7! by adi_totp

In his bright and cheery tipster above, adi_totp shares with his ways to make most out of instant photography, especially when using the Instax Mini 7. If you’re someone who’s thinking of getting an Instax Mini camera for yourself, consider this one of the newbie guides you have to read!

Photo by beni

How to Use your Lomo LC-A+ Instant Back by beni and translated by basho

Here at Lomography, we all know that instant photography doesn’t mean just fiddling around with an instant camera — it can also mean toying and experimenting with instant backs! The tipster above gives you a handful of helpful tips if you’re new to going instant with your Lomo LC-A+ with its dedicated instant back!

Lomo LC-A Instant Back+ Closeup Effect! by cruzron

In the awesome tipster above, cruzron shares with us a nifty trick by Mandi that every lomographer should try with the Lomo LC-A+ and the Instant Back+: close-up shots! Did that just get you excited? Go ahead and check it out!

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    rickricardu ·

    Any tips for Diana F+ Instant Back? there is the same parallax issue?

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