Send your Film in a Film Canister!

2013-05-23 2

As you know, you can send your film rolls to Lomography for developing. But it happens way too often that the rolls that arrive are “exploded”. So here’s a tip for wrapping and sending your film rolls.

What do you need?

  • A film roll
  • A film canister
  • An envelope
  • A pen
  • Enough stamps

When sending your film roll to Lomography, it’s important that you wrap it well. Sometimes the envelopes that are delivered are scrunched up. And sad to say, it happens that the roll doesn’t survive the trip. So here’s to make sure your film gets delivered safely!

Step 1

Put the roll you want to send in the canister.

Step 2

Put the canister in the envelope with the Lomography adress on it.

Step 3

Paste enough stamps on the envelope and bring it to the post office.

Do you want to be extra safe? Buy some envelopes with bubble wrap lining in it. It’s safer for your roll (and the people at lomography can play with it)!

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