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Looking into super-sizing your instant photography fascination? The Fuji Instax Wide 200, which takes larger instants than its Mini counterparts. Want to see if it’s the instant shooter for the instant-hungry lomographer in you? Read on to find out what your fellow lomographers have to say about this camera!

Photo by feelux

Fuji Instax 200 Wide Camera: Instant Review by feelux

“The dimensions might fool you; this is a fairly light camera compared to cameras with similar dimensions. It’s generally not as popular as its tiny sibling, but I find it better and cheaper since the film pack costs roughly the same as a pack of Instax Mini while having twice the film size.”

Credits: slumbrnghok

Fuji Instax Wide is Delicious! by slumbrnghok

“The film is far easier to use than Impossible stock. If you’re starting out in instant photography or don’t want ot spend £20 for eight exposures, then this is your guy! It takes about five seconds at most for the image to appear once taken — there’s no shielding from light or taping up darkslides necessary.”

Photo by mauky

Fujifilm Instax 210 Wide by mauky and translated by etxenike

“A really fun camera to instantly immortalize moments, to have fun with friends, and that guarantees some great results!!!”

Photo by zulupt

Instax 210 – Fun in an instant. by zulupt

“Overall, this is a great camera; films are easy to find and cheap, it is a very reliable camera, easy to use and it still has a tremendous impact on people when the Instant photo comes out the slot like old Polaroid cameras; each photo is unique and it is a great camera to capture those perfect moments when hanging out with your best friends or capture those unique sunsets and landscapes.”

by emmaspridgen

Fuji Instax 200 by emmaspridgen

“When taking a photograph, the first thing you notice is that unlike Polaroid cameras the camera does not make the familiar click-whirr noise but instead ejects the photo quietly and smoothly. Also, it is important to note that the Fuji Instax film is wide format. The results are surprisingly good, providing clear photographs, with good colour.”

The Fuji Instax 210 Wide is your jumbo-bodied buddy for super-wide instant pictures. Your photos give off that nice retro-coloured finish, and its built-in flash makes it great for parties and nighttime, and indoor shots. Check it out with the rest of our Instant cameras here!

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