Daily Picks from the Sales Section: Holga CFN 120 Green


On the lookout for a camera companion that’s understated on the outside but fun and unpredictable on the inside? Then the Holga CFN 120 Green might just be your perfect match!

Enter the world of the spontaneous and unexpected with the Holga CFN 120, a medium format phenomenon known for its notable light leaks, vignettes and soft focusing!

While available in classic Black, vibrant Red, and the eye-catching CMYK, the Holga CFN 120 also comes in a cool shade of Army Green that means business!

Read all about the Holga CFN 120 over at the Holga microsite.

Credits: nadinadu, bloomchen, elvismartinezsmith, dida & fivedayforecast

Read user reviews about the Holga CFN 120 over at the Reviews section.

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*discounts may vary per region.

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