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Dedicated to the soldiers that lost their lives for New Zealand, the Auckland War Memorial Museum is a stunning and iconic building that is perfectly located within the Auckland Domain. This museum offers history, culture, science and art and is a key location for everybody including tourists and locals alike!

Credits: amytam

The Auckland War Memorial Museum officially opened to the public on the 28th November 1929. Since then, the museum has undergone expansion, refurbishment and redevelopment to include a war memorials for over 4000 Aucklanders who lost their lives in World War II, collection storage, educational amenities, a theatre and an events centre.

The Outside via Black and White x Sprocket Rocket

The exterior feature that catches everyone’s eyes (including mine) is the impressive colonnades. The eight huge marble columns is outstanding and is one of my favourite subject to shoot when I head to the museum. I love taking photos of the columns from different angles which can change the perspective!

The Inside via Slide Film x LC-Wide

The ground level – People of the Pacific – showcases the Polynesians and the Maoris and includes three authentic Maori buildings and a war canoe from the 1830s. The first level – Stories of our Land and Sea exhibits volcanoes, the weird and wonderful as well as marine, coastal and land creatures. The last level – New Zealand’s War Stories – as its name suggests is dedicated to New Zealand’s involvement in all the major conflicts of the 20th century including our own civil wars.

Credits: amytam

I love going to the museum. They always have new exhibitions that showcases things like art and photography and it is such a lovely way to spend the day (especially if it is raining outside).

Amy Tam is a self-confessed travel addict who loves eating, writing and taking loads of photos. In her spare time she likes to travel to new and different places – armed with a film camera where she snaps to her heart’s content. This Location series is dedicated to her beloved home city – Auckland – where she has been happily residing for the past 20 years.

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