Interview with Instax Shooters Charlene Epple and Nathan Wyse!


Our two newest and favorite Instax shooters are Charlene Epple and Nathan Wyse. Their trusty camera is their LC-Wide, and they love using their Instant back. Find out more about this shooting duo and check out some cool photos they have already taken with their LC-Wide + Instant back.

1. Tell us about you!
Nathan and Charlene are a couple living in Pilsen with a passion for photography. Charlene’s first camera was a Pentax Super Program her father bought her for Christmas in her sophomore year in high school. It came with a star filter that she went crazy with shooting candles and bright lights. Nathan, as a child, used to beg his parents for film for his Canon 110ED to take candid photos of unsuspecting people and still lifes. When he wasn’t taking pictures he was honing his skills as a photo-bomber.

2. How did you first discover Lomography?
Charlene collected a few Lomos in college and after collecting much dust while working in digital, she and Nathan were walking past the Lomography store in Wicker Park recently and decide to purchase the Lomo LC-Wide with the intent of only shooting film on vacation in Mexico.

3. What do you like about instant film?
We like the manual aspect mixed with the instant gratification and spontaneity

4. What are your favorite things to shoot with your instant camera?
Close-ups and shooting indoors seem to give the best results

5. Do you have any fun projects you’re working on?
We’re putting together our Mexico vacation photos to present to our family and friends.

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