Fuji Natura Classica & Me: edwinchau


edwinchau’s selection of Natura snaps are tantamount to the bowl of noodles you get for a dime on every corner street — “Hong Kong’s best”. Cozy up with cats and get the inside scoop from a pro-handler of the “classy” camera.

1. How long have you been shooting with the Nautra?
Hmm it’s been almost 4 years & it’s one of my very favorite 35mm cameras. I got it from a friend in 2009 (at a very reasonable price too).

2. Share your favourite photo with us:

3. What do you like about this shot (#2)?
When I took this photo, I didn’t (& couldn’t) look at the viewfinder. But the Natura Classica is the kind of camera you can fully trust. You can take photo of a cat at very close distance & stay low profile. So somehow, Natura stands for a “Cat Camera” to me too!

4. What’s your favorite film to shoot with this camera?
I’ll recommend Kodak Ektar100, because of its rich saturation & fine grain. It’ll also add a very warm, yellowish tone to the photos. The only bad thing about Ektar100 – it’s getting more pricy these days & more difficult to find. So sometimes I’ll shoot with Fujifilm X-TRA400, which is also a perfect film for the Natura.

5. Is it true that the Natura doesn’t require much light to take good photos?
That’s true. I especially like its performance with Color Negative film. It provides a very high saturation & warm tones to every photo I take.

Credits: edwinchau

6. Describe the Natura in three words:
Light, smart, classy.

7. Would you recommend the Natura, and why?
Why not? It’s light-weight, extremely easy to use, plus works great under low-light situation(s). I mean, it’s a perfect “daily-use camera”. Till today, the Natura Classica & Lomo LC-A+ are the 2 cameras I use the most.

Credits: edwinchau

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