Supersampler: A Toy and a Functional Camera

2013-05-27 3

A very special analogue camera which advances film by pulling its ripcord. It looks like a toy and it sounds like a toy, but it is not a toy. It is a 100% functional analogue camera – the Supersampler.

I just love the unique shutter sound made by the The SuperSampler. It is not “tack”, also not “chiak” but something different than that of other cameras. The Supersampler’s shutter sound is just like that of a rolling toy car taht we played with during childhood. Yes, it sounds like a toy’s string rolling sound. Interesting is it?

Credits: blueglitter

The Supersampler comes with a fixed aperture, so I don’t have to worry about the aperture setting. Either it is under-exposed or over-exposed. Shooting under a bright sunny day is the only way to make sure every click counts.

Credits: noomink, ceduxi0n, maxwellmaxen, mephisto19 & kneehigh85

The Supersampler has two shutter speed options which is 2 seconds for 4 photos or 0.2 seconds for 4 photos. I personally prefer to use 2 seconds because this allows me to have enough time to act in front this little cute camera.

Credits: yokekei, reinertlee & isabel_mebarak

Another unique feature of the Supersampler is that it has 4 panoramic 20mm plastic lenses. This is really wide enough to capture group photos and landscape. The focus range of the Supersampler is 0.3 meters to infinity. This is really great for self-shoots and landscape shooting. Everything looks sharp!

Credits: adi_totp, happytweepop, yokekei, maxwellmaxen & ester_s_ch

It is lightweight. Basically, you don’t feel you are carrying a camera. I think this is quite suitable for ladies and children because it is easy to carry and it does not make a burden for ladies or children to travel with it. Besides, the camera size is just nice and able to fit into most of the ladies handbag/shoulder bag.

Credits: lawypop, ester_s_ch, susielomovitz, yokekei & tataaa

Another great reason to make us love the Supersampler is because it does not require any batteries. I believe many people always worry about low batteries, or have a hard time to get certain types of batteries, especially for those vintage cameras. It is great that we don’t have to worry about this issue while using the Supersampler and we don’t have to carry extra batteries on stand-by while travelling.

Credits: steamyandor, calo, itisanormalname & sovulia

Supersampler is a 35mm format film camera. I would like to say that 35mm format film is still the easiest to get it in market. Supersampler loves all types of 35mm film. Just feed it with slide film, color negative film, black and white film, or redscale film. The tutorial said that ideally, load it with ISO800 film for all light conditions. But from personal experience, photos look slightly over-exposed while loaded it with ISO200 film and shot during noon in Malaysia, under a super hot and bright sun.

Credits: yokekei, ryszardl70, japsix, alko & chikapop

So, what are the cons of this camera? Can’t deny that the detachable rubber frame viewfinder is quite annoying. Basically, I don’t use it. Normally what I do is aim the object by estimation. Due to the viewfinder dropping off quite easily, I just removed it and kept it.

Another con is that I can’t use this little fun camera during low light conditions. You can’t attach a flash with it. .I have no choice; I can’t play with it during indoor/night celebration and activities. Below are the samples that I shot during dusk.

Credits: yokekei

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  1. clickiemcpete
    clickiemcpete ·

    Fun camera but my biggest complaint is that I have broken two of them in a short time. I wish they were a little more robust.

  2. ester_s_ch
    ester_s_ch ·

    Gracias por agregar mis fotos :D

  3. yokekei
    yokekei ·

    @clickiemcpete ya, is a fun camera
    @ester_s_ch you are welcome, nice photos you have :)

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