Ang Aking Nanay (My Mother)


Here’s my collection of photos I’ve taken of my mother since I started taking photographs.

This Mother’s Day, I compiled most of the photos that I have taken of my mother ever since I started film photography.

For starters, my mother gave me my first ever Lomography camera which is a white Fisheye No. 2! How cool is that?! She gave it to me as a present on my birthday back when I was still in college.

Mom & Me

I have always seen my Mom as someone who is strict and responsible. When we were kids, she made sure that we learned what it meant to work hard for something. Nonetheless, despite the serious facade, my Mom’s always ready for a photo, striking a smile or a pose whenever she sees any one of us kids holding a camera. Sometimes, when she’s dressed for a party she even calls on us to take her photos.

Nowadays, my mom is semi-retired. She keeps busy with managing the family business and looking after her four rowdy grandsons. So she’s always photographed carrying one of them or playing with them.

With the grandkids

Though my mom’s looks have changed and aged over the years, she still remains my one-of-a-kind momma!

Thanks for reading!

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