Ilford Photo: Keeping the Ultra Large Format Alive


Ilford Photo is long-known as an authority in black and white photography. And aside from its line of photographic papers, disposable cameras, and B&W films, did you know that Ilford also offers sheet film in more unusual sizes?

In fact, every year, HARMAN technology Limited — the manufacturers behind Ilford film – makes it a point to cater to the needs of those who dive into the world of ultra large format photography (and not to mention, other hard-to-find sizes like18cm x 24cm ) by manufacturing a custom amount of sheet film and specialty products directly proportional to the demand.

Credits: berndtotto

“It is vitally important for us to support users of large format sheet film, and other specialist film users. By amalgamating world-wide orders on an annual basis, it allows us to make a viable production of large format sheet film or custom sizes once a year, and providing the volumes are sufficient, we are happy to continue doing so.” — Steven Brierley, Director of Marketing, HARMAN technologies Limited

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Pretty cool, eh? You can also get your Ilford fix on the Online Shop! We have a great selection of Black and White emulsions that is sure to satisfy you monochrome cravings.

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