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2013-05-15 5

Don’t be surprised if this camera gives you an analogue art attack—the Pop 9 will blow you away with mosaic-like captures with its nine magnificent lenses! In this case, more is definitely more and you’ll get a bang for your buck with this plastic fantastic Lomographic shooter!

Lomography Pop 9

A revolutionary golden child, the Pop 9 is armed with nine piercing lenses and the ability to completely transform your world. A single shot produces nine identical images on one print – slicing your subject into a miniature celebration of pattern-repeating Pop Art. Shapes, angles, and bulges engage each other between the Pop 9 ’s repeating frames, producing an unpredictable and simply amazing photographic wallpaper of images. Your surroundings, actions, passions, and loves become gorgeous works of miniature art – an absolute chaos of colorful beauty, neatly laid out in an orderly 3×3 rectangle.

Tech specs:

  • Lens: 9 individual lenses. F=24mm, F/11
  • Range: 0.8m (2.5’) – infinity
  • Shutter: Mechanical, speed 1/100 second
  • Dimensions: 30mm (1.15") x 62mm (2.5") x 115.5mm (4.5") and available in black or gold
  • Manual film transport with built-in electronic flash
  • Uses any 35mm flim and standard AA batteries
Credits: sobetion, genialosa, superlighter, nation_of_pomation, chant0m0, mcrstar, nural & kylethefrench

Wanna know more? Visit the Pop 9 Microsite for more info.

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  1. denisesanjose
  2. superlighter
    superlighter ·

    wow! thanx for show my poptures!

  3. sobetion
    sobetion ·

    nice article & thank you very much <3

  4. joicetaveira
    joicetaveira ·

    Great article! Tks!

  5. nural
    nural ·

    My dads old radio is now famous :) thanks @denisesanjose

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