The Lomoscanner App For iPhone Has Been Updated


Good news: the Lomoscanner App for the iPhone has been updated with social media functions so you can share your awesome analogue photos at a click of a button. Check it out!

Photo by:robinstar7

Make your analogue presence known in the digital realm with our new update for the Lomoscanner App for your iPhone! Now you can share your photos in a savvy instant to Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr and via email using your smartphone. But the buck doesn’t stop there, we’re still working hard on the app and have even started working on the next update so we can continuously improve it until it is just perfect!

Android user? You too can get in on the fun with our test version of the app right here. Don’t worry, we’re working steadily here too to improve user-experience based on feedback so do let us know your thoughts :)

For those who like to keep their options aplenty, there are tons of other alternative apps available for scanning negatives which you can check out at the app stores. You can start off by trying these tutorial articles out for size:

Still app-hungry? We’ve got more app options for you here. Enjoy!

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