Actionsampler Cameras are for the Summer

2013-05-24 1

As the Spanish movie “Bicycles Are for the Summer”, multi-lens cameras are ideal for spring and summer time. Rest of the year we feel stiff, but nice weather is coming and we love enjoying it by being more active people.

I got my Actionsampler in 2010, it is an special chrome edition for the Soccer World Cup. I usually use it only in good weather. The Actionsampler is a suitable camera for outdoor activities; ideal for our holidays in the beach, for cooling off in the pool or dancing at summer festivals.

I think that the Actionsampler is not the best camera for shooting landscapes or static scenes.

Credits: deprofundis

As the rest of sequential cameras, you can get more performance of them if you shoot moving things. You need that people jump, run, spin around or just wave.

When summer is coming, I like go to the beach and sometimes I spend the whole weekend in a seaside town with my friends and I enjoy a lot shooting with the Actionsampler.

Credits: deprofundis

The Actionsampler is also ideal to shoot every kind of performance like dancing, juggling or jumping…

Credits: deprofundis

So I am looking forward to nice weather to get out with my “four-eyes” camera and enjoy it with my friends.

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  1. photochrom
    photochrom ·

    I'm looking forward to watch "Bicycles Are for the Summer". Thanks for the tip! ;)

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