Solo Biking Routes: Trinity Bellwoods Park - Queen West’s Urban Oasis


There’s always something to see and do in Queen West’s largest green space, even if you like doing nothing but lying on the grass and letting the day pass you by.

In a previous article, I mentioned that I cycle a lot here in Toronto, especially on the bike paths and trails of the many parks in this fine city. The park I find myself in the most (mainly because it’s about 60 seconds by bike away from my work) is Trinity Bellwoods Park.

The park is located in the Queen West neighbourhood of Toronto. It is bordered by Queen Street to the south, Dundas to the north, Crawford Street to the west and Gore Vale Avenue forms its eastern border. It is criss-crossed by many paths, most of which are wide enough for those on foot, as well as those on two wheels, to occupy at the same time. The stairs that head down into the bowl of the dog park do not receive winter maintenance, so are closed for a few months of the year.

Trinity Bellwoods is an old park by Toronto standards. From 1852 to 1950, the park was part of the private grounds of Trinity College, from which it gets it’s name. When the college moved to its present location at the University of Toronto, the beautiful Victorian era building was torn down. All that is left is an on-campus residence building (that is now a retirement home) and the ornate gates that open onto Queen Street at the north end of Strachan.

While the college is long gone, the park is still a wonderful place to be throughout the year. There are many mature trees to sit under on a sunny day, there are eight tennis courts, three baseball diamonds and an outdoor ice rink. Its short distance from the Lomography Toronto Gallery Store is also the reason it is the location most chosen for outdoor Lomography Toronto events such as the Lomo Matrix and Lomo Caterpillar.

If you live in Toronto, chances are you’ve already been in Trinity Bellwoods. If not, what are you waiting for? See you there.

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    I'm going to try and write a High Park Solo Biking Route this week and a Toronto Islands one next week.

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